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Leon Collins

Leon Collins' work “evokes emotions through a mixture of beautiful colors, history, and folklore.” Leon has been quoted as saying, “true art comes from your heart.” Leon paints day and night; he never stops, “I just love it,” he states. His painting of cotton fields, family, and southern culture are portrayed with joy and empathy, and it is clear he has a love for his roots and family history.

Leon was born in Texas and moved to California when he was a boy. His extended family remained in Brazoria, and he returned there each summer to visit them. His grandmother was an inspiration for him. Born into slavery, she lived to be 119 years old and shared her stories with young Leon, who wrote them down. His earliest creative ventures were in photography, which led to painting. 

Most inspiration for Leon’s art comes from people in his life. He states, “the story comes first, the painting comes last.” His work is in many homes throughout the United States and has been represented in the well-known Fort Worth Art Festival. 
Leon’s work is represented in the Red Velvet Inn & Gallery, and he has an extensive inventory in his studio. Commissions are accepted. 

A Days Work

No Time To Cry


24" x 36" painted with Acrylic.


A Days Work


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